Fetish escort

Pretty school girls, hot police officers, gorgeous heroines, are just some of the amazing fantasies you can live up with your partner, but if you are not in a committed relation or if you want to share a threesome invite a fetish escort professional, that for sure will spice your sex life and will help you make come true your deepest fantasies.

But before taking this topic a little further, why don’t we share some curios facts about some escorts and what have they done since centuries ago. Even we will not go so far, let´s share some information you may find interesting.

  1. Years ago the women who provided escort services had to have a especial certificate showing what their profession was, if they didn’t had it, if and the police found them working, they could be taken to jail up to 30 days.
  2. An entire town mourned whole day the Madame, owner of a brothel, after she was murdered. She was really appreciated by the people in the town for the services she provided.
  3. In 1668 a group of escorts raised a communication where they asked for their rights in England, apparently it worked, brothels were not affected by the situation lived that time.
  4. There are biographies from famous escorts. They may have not been written by them, but they have stories about how their life was. It is not possible to know how true they are, but those texts are still quite interesting to read.
  5. Erotic stories, there were pretty good erotic stories written the last centuries, these stories don’t have nothing to envy to current porn, so want some inspiration, look for it.
  6. Escorts and pirates, there used to be a pirate escort; she was good at both jobs. She got to have a bunch of pirates under her command and many ships too. Despite the high risks of her professions she managed to live up to 69 in a time where average life expectancy was much lower.

There all kind of escorts and there is even a top ten from most famous escorts along history.

This list starts with:

  1. Mary Magdalene in the bible, she was the one forgiven by Jesus;
  2. Scylla a roman woman, she was challenged by the empress to please the most men in a night, even she didn’t won (to stop herself from being murdered) he saved the emperor’s life some time later;
  3. Teodora from Bizancio she was a 16 years old prostitute, sometime later she got married with the emperor and he created laws to protect the women who work in this job.
  4. Madame Pompadour a French courtesan. She was part of the court and fought the queen for the king’s attention;
  5. “The Güera” Rodríguez, she was a Mexican prostitute. She had adventures with many warriors from the independent process in Latin America.
  6. Julia Bulette, she had a brothel in Viginia city. When typhus affected the town, she used the brothel as an improvised hospital. She and the escorts took care of ill patients.
  7. Lucille LeSueur she managed to become a movie star, but she still had to work as an escort, her clients where mostly women.
  8. Belva Gartner, she was a house wife and a sex worker and she killed one of her clients. When that happened, she became famous after going to jail; she is the inspiration to the Chicago musical;   
  9. Lorraine Page she was a police woman, but she became a drug addict. Regardless her addiction she was able to help her ex-coworkers to capture a dangerous psycho-killer.

Nowadays there are too many services provided, and there are too many specialties, so it is harder to decide who the best escort is today. Anyway what matters the most is how, when and where can you live the most sensual fetish experience.

Fetish are so different from person to person that an escort who offers this service can experience with her clients a huge amount of sexual experiences, they may find clients who like feet, others who like to be treated as a baby, some other who like to be treated as a submissive and so on.

In each role the escort is able to give the client the best experience of his life. How interesting can it be to please someone as anyone else has done it before? Who much they have to prepare themselves to accomplish this role? It starts from being perfect, from head to toe. As they have to have their hair done, their makeup, outfits etc.  When a woman works as a fetish escort she usually has all kind of clothes, corsets, costumes, miniskirts, all kind of gloves and shoes from different materials. Some may think, it is just clothes and shoes, but definitely this is required to create the illusion and complete the scenery in the client’s fantasy. Floggers, canes and restraining devices are pretty useful too. Toys are quite good to use with clients, some of them may have never used something like this, and the sensation given by this sexy toys can definitely boost the sensations. In England, a fetish escort London is Valerie August, a highly skilled provider.

What is more important than techniques?

You may be wondering techniques? Yes, giving a good blow or hand job is not casualty, knowing about positions, erogenous points, how much pressure and licking or sucking, is basic to please the client. Have they studied for it or  is it learned by experience? Who knows? What really matters is being able to overcome the client’s expectations, to use their entire body as a tool for pleasure itself. Each inch of the skin, is an inc for pleasure, biting, scratching, licking, changing temperatures are just some of the methods that can be used to please the other. There is also a must: to know how to seduce, how to striptease, how to look good and secure in their own skin, and of course make the client to be comfortable and secure in the session. Some fetish escorts are really good at bondage techniques, some other in dominant techniques and other in sadist methods, all can be learned and put into practice, in the end extreme pleasure is what matters.


What is a Pegging Escort, and does it work both ways with regards to pegging anal sexual intercourse for each gender role in the sexual relationship?

Pegging, how to peg properly, why pegging is so super dangerous, and how often some of these kinky escorts and the clients that they host are going to be pegging their clients

Pegging and anal sex in general are two things that are going to have very different and mostly adverse reactions for partners of both sexes on a long term and regular basis, and are usually going to be very pleasurable for one partner and excruciatingly painful for the other partner that is receiving the anal sexual intercourse. The reason that anal sex is so hot and attractive for both partners sometimes is because it is forbidden fruit, and because it is something that is at this moment so taboo in our culture. It is also one of the most interesting acts that humans do because sometimes women will voluntarily request anal sex just to please their partners, and for the fact that because during anal sex, literally every single time, one partner is in the most extreme pleasure and bliss that exists on the planet earth, and the other is in one of the worst types of physical and likely emotional pain around. I say that anal sex is the greatest pleasure on the planet for the reason that the anus, when the penis is inserted into it, is going to be extremely tight, much tighter than a vagina could ever be, and for this reason, your partner will likely be in extreme bliss, having an orgasm super fast and really pounding you roughly as a result of all of the increased stimulation that your ass is giving him. For the woman, it is incredibly painful, and I can say this for myself with great accuracy and empathy towards literally women everywhere of all ages, shapes and sizes that have tried anal sexual intercourse, and that are thinking about trying it, it is going to be painful, but over the long term can really lead to some excess pleasures of the forbidden fruit, read on for further information!

The forbidden fruit, what pegging, being pegged by, and anal sex with a woman is going to be like for the first time you do it, super painful and super pleasurable!

So, here is the gist of my experience with this, and it is a topic that I can really speak a lot about with empathy for other readers of this blog post, as well as for those that are considering having anal intercourse in the future. The first time I did this was during a sex bout with my girlfriend of about 2 years, she had been having a fight with me about a week before hand, and had been saying that I was a wimp, that she was stronger than me, and that she was the man in the relationship and not me. I was super upset, and during our make up/angry revenge sex that we had later that evening in order to release some of our own sexual tension, I decided to get rough and to show her that I really was a man. I decided to cram my dick right into her ass, and in a second her head fell back onto the pillow, as she realized that she was entirely being dominated and that I was entirely in control.

At first she tried to stop me, but I leaned over and whispered into her ear gently “you said you wanted a real man,” to which she chuckled and basically told me to go for it. I stopped pegging her for a second and she gave me a strange look while I put on a condom and lubed myself up, ready to really have some kinky and dominant sex with her in order to win my woman back with something that we had never done before, we had sex for about three hours and she loved literally every single minute of it, however after the sex bout, she was very much upset that I had just crammed it into her ass hole like that and she wanted something in return for the pain and suffering that I had caused her initially, even if it meant that it had worked and that she was now actually in more pleasure than she had been in before we had had the anal sex. She told me what she wanted was to reciprocate exactly what I had did to her to me, I was confused and scared, however I went for it since I was trying to make this relationship work, and figured what the heck, what’s the worst that could happen.

I get pegged myself, and it is the most painful, euphoric, trippy and intense experience that I have ever had or likely will ever have in my entire life!

She took my pants off and began to blow me a little bit, before proceeding to oil me up and massage me for the anal sex that we were about to have. She strapped on a purple dildo to her body, and spanked me a little to let me know to get ready, she crammed the purple dildo into me as I tensed up my ass in both pain and pleasure, however mostly pain, and I could really tell that she was enjoying herself and hurting me, as she rightly should have, as it was very kinky and sexy and if I had been on her side of the chess board, I would have been enjoying it just as much! I won’t give any more details as to the exact nature of the sex other than to say that it was very pleasurable and painful at different moments of the sex bout, and to say that I would do the part where I give her anal sex again, but I would not receive again.